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MSC cruise ship jobs in South Africa

Working in the cruise industry today is one of the most exciting and fulfilling careers a person can hope to achieve. Opportunities abound for the fun loving and adventurous job seeker and the glorious MSC cruise lines are one of the biggest operators on the globe. They sail the seven seas all year round and have 12 humongous vessels in operation which means they need lots of crew to man and work on each ship. There are jobs and positions available in an array of different sectors for those of you who want a career with a difference and a winning edge.

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Itís an intricate yet structured working environment, one that makes sure each job contributes to the smooth operation and maintenance of the vessel from the inside to the outside. There is so much that needs to be looked after and this means opportunities galore. Depending on your qualifications, work experience or personal preference there is a job for everyone just waiting to be embraced by a vibrant and friendly individual.

For the vacationing public itís a pure paradise of never ending wining and dining, dancing, and celebrating. With the many bars, restaurants, coffee shops , trattorias, casinos , theaters and discoís on board the need for staff is truly of the utmost importance and MSC cruises is always recruiting its next lot of bright and dedicated crew members.


Making great money is also a big plus to working on a cruise ship because your accommodation, food and most of your transport is always paid for by the company. The hospitality department on board is great for those workers seeking to earn big by raking in all those wonderful tips and gratuities a satisfied guest will l happily give when they have been entertained by a wonderful barman or dining room waiter. Working on an MSC cruise ship helps makes saving so much easier.

Not only will you get to travel the world as MSC sails to only the most exotic and fabulous destinations on the globe but you will also be meeting some amazing people from all countries and walks of life from the guests on board to fellow crew members. You will form part of a great team of individuals that make each day unique, exciting and never the same. Working on board an MSC cruise ship will be a thrilling opportunity of a lifetime and something one can look upon with pride and honor.

Unfortunatley the application process can be a bit complicated and will take a few months however making use of our ebooks as a resources to help you land your dream job without fuss is a must. Itís packed with information on everything you need to navigate this sometimes tricky process as well as invaluable tips and pointers for help with interviews, CVs and everything else that will give you a perfect head start to the exciting dream career with MSC. This wealth of information contained in the book will no doubt steer you to career success and with a special offer we are giving to MSC applicants, job success is more affordable and attainable than ever. There is no excuse to let this opportunity go by. The splendid world of MSC cruises waits

MSC cruises is currently hiring South Africans for a wide range of vacancies.

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You may also apply with your CV to:

MSC Cruisetech

Recruiting office

Corso Italia 214

80063 Piano di Sorrento, Napoli


All information above is provided to assist you in how to apply with MSC. We have no direct affiliation with the company nor act as a recruitment partner for them. is not a recruiter nor a training provider.